No Mowing, No Watering!

Dynagrass is an excellent alternative to traditional natural lawns, with many of the benefits and features of our highly engineered sport surfaces. No need to mow or water your lawn ever again.

Dynagrass also eliminates the hassle of weeding, fertilizing and seasonal maintenance that comes with natural grass. Our product is highly UV protected to maintain appearance and durability. We gladly offer a limited warranty on our landscape turf as well to give the customer long-term, worry-free, enjoyment.

Green Friendly Technology

Our landscape strategy is to replicate the natural grass experience using the same extensive research and development capability and thorough quality testing, that we use for our sports surfaces. Our landscaping solutions combine the appearance and comfort of natural grass with the added benefit of a low maintenance solution.

Proven Benefits and Quality

As a result of our product strategy and quality focus, our customer is assured of having the latest artificial turf technology in the world. Once we engineer the right artificial turf system for the user, we conduct up to 60 independent lab tests to make sure we can prove the benefits and long-term quality. These independent lab tests include biomechanical and performance testing in addition to torture and durability testing.
In addition, our landscape products are environmentally friendly as they save water and eliminate the use of pesticides. In addition to ISO 14001 environmental certification, we have even tested our soft polyethylene fibers to stringent environmental standards.

Our Landscape and recreational products can be used for many surfaces including:

  • Airports
  • Apartments
  • Businesses (office buildings, retail, car dealers, restaurants, gas stations, etc.)
  • Churches
  • Golf courses and greens
  • Hotels and motels
  • Lawns
  • Parks and recreational areas
  • Pet areas
  • Public buildings and street medians
  • Schools
  • Shopping Malls
  • Swimming pool areas
  • Television and movie studios
  • Trade shows… and many, many more!!!

Dynagrass FAQ’s

Q. Can Dynagrass catch fire? 

A. No, our artificial grass is not flammable as it is manufactured with a fire retardant material (unless an accelerant like gas or lighter fluid is poured onto the grass). The grass has a melting point of  130° Celsius so Cigarette butts or a similar flame won’t catch fire but may leave a small burn mark, which can easily be removed / repaired.

Q. What about pets and their ‘business’?

A. Just treat your Dynagrass like normal grass, urine will not discolor Dynagrass, and simply seeps through the drainage holes and remove solids as you normally would.

Q. Why is Dynagrass superior to other artificial lawn products?

A. For a long time the manufacturers of  Dynagrass have been recognized as the premium standard of artificial turf for high end sporting fields. Due to the massive volume of turf manufactured in our facilities we have now managed to reduce pricing to the levels of the regular standard artificial grass products available. Via our two ,company owned,  research and development laboratories we have managed to replicate the look and feel of natural grass for landscaping as well as sporting applications.

Q. Is Dynagrass glossy like the others?

A. No Dynagrass is manufactured to resemble natural grass not an old fake Christmas tree like some.

Q. How long will my Installation take?

A. Most domestic installations of 1000 square feet or under will usually be completed in two days, however this can vary dependent on many factors like access etc.

Q. What about difficult access or unusual areas?

A. Dynagrass is an excellent solution for hard to maintain lawn areas such as slopes that are difficult to mow, heavy shade areas, or even in areas that would be impossible to grow natural grass such as indoor shopping malls or rooftop get aways.

Q. How do I get more information or a quote?

A. Contact us by phone or email (fill out contact form). We will be happy to come out to your premises with samples, and provide a free measure and no obligation quote.

Q. How long will my Dynagrass synthetic lawn last 

A. The life expectancy of synthetic grass is approx. 20 years, we anticipate even longer in a domestic environment where heavy duty sports are not played regularly.

Q. What is the cost to install?

A.  Our expert sales representatives will be able to give you an exact quote at your first design meeting.  We are proud of our competitive pricing despite the extremely high standard of our product and our most treasured asset – our service.

Q. Is the grass child and pet-friendly?

A. Yes. Our grass is made from the highest quality yarns which have no toxic properties. All coatings, backings, glue, etc. that we use in the production process are also non-toxic, suitable for use by children, animals and for the environment. We have been certified ISO 14001 the standard set for correct environmental practices.

Q. What maintenance is required? 

A. Generally the only cleaning that is required is by using a leaf blower or flexible rake (plastic is best). The grass can also be washed down with a hose or cleaned with a stiff brush.

Q. Why choose Dynagrass instead of natural grass? 

A. Dynagrass provides many benefits over natural grass including maintenance, no watering, no mowing, and no fertilizing, independent of weather and highly durable. All year round you can have great looking grass regardless of weather and water restrictions.

Q. What is Dynagrass made from? 

A. Dynagrass is a synthetic product made with premium polypropylene (backings) and polyethylene (grass fibers). The backing (triple or Quadruple layer) is made with polypropylene and SBR latex. The materials are UV resistant, highly durable and environmentally friendly.

Q. What happens to the water when it rains?

A. The water drains through the sand infill and through the perforated drainage holes in the grass, (the flow is substantially reduced during this process). The water will then follow the fall of the ground so naturally we ensure this is directed the correct way, extra drainage can be installed if required.

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